About Our Clinic

1268_midwest-pic2.jpgWhether your hearing needs call for the top of the line 100% digital aids or simply the best product for your budget, Midwest Hearing & Audiology, Inc. can provide you with the services and instruments you need.

Headquartered in HAGERSTOWN Midwest Hearing & Audiology, Inc. is a private practice facility serving the East Central Indiana area owned by Michelle C. Siegman, MA, CCC-A.

I established this practice in 2002 and my goal has been to provide the utmost in professional hearing health care for those experiencing hearing loss as well as preventative solutions for hearing protection for musicians, shooters, swimmers, etc.

The emergence of digital technology has certainly changed the world of hearing aids and dramatically increased the number of people who can benefit from amplification. All of the hearing aids I fit now are digital (with a few exceptions) and the flexibility is incredible, especially compared to analog aids. Satisfaction rates with digital aids have rose 90% in my practice alone.

My personal goal is to improve my patient's quality of life by providing the most appropriate individualized fit.

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